China Gezhouba Group of Companies (CGGC) has completed the entire breakthrough of the upper segment of the Diversion Tunnel number 1 of the Mohmand Dam and Hydropower Project (MDHP) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

The comprehensive expanse of the Diversion tunnel No.1 is 1681.14 m. The CGGC team, while designating the execution of diversion tunnel number 1 as a “big attainment”, convened a short ceremony at the tunnel spot on Saturday. The CGGC laborers were carrying a placard addressing “celebration for the entire break-through of the top heading in DT-1”.

Untimely this month, the Scheme Director of MDHP in an appreciation note had complimented the “prodigious project conducting abilities” that notwithstanding the corona pandemic they executed the construction undisturbed.

CGGC and DESCON are implementing the 800MW MDHP in a strategic partnership. MDHP, which is built on the River Swat, is the fifth-highest concrete-face-rock-fill Dam (CFRD) in the world. The first section of the scheme is scheduled to be authorized in December 2025.

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