Saiyed Shahzad Sultan Convener of the Committee chaired the proceedings along with Deputy Convener Zubair Rind and Secretary Amjad Qureshi. All the designated members from relevant fields attended the meeting; Saiyed Shahzad thanked the President FPCCI Anjum Nisar for honouring him with trust to head this important Committee.

During the proceedings of the meeting, it was also resolved to address on priority the Gwadar Port operations, Afghan transit facilitation, export cargo movement of Balochistan products via western corridor of CPEC, tax policy for Gwadar & international transshipment policy, besides, Committee also decided that during its tenure would consider any issue pertaining to ports & shipping operations in the country. The specific issues discussed during the meeting will also be referred to respective Standing committee(s) of FPCCI for their consideration.

It was specifically agreed that Saiyed Shahzad Convener of the Committee would reach out to all the government ministries, authorities & organizations for immediate relief on all pending cases waiting for their decisions, committee has also specifically agreed that Saiyed Shahzad would effectively make regional FPCCI office in Gwadar successfully operational in the interest of FPCCI members and business community of Pakistan. Most importantly, the committee assured to facilitate the government and people of Balochistan to make Gwadar Port and city a model modern city, assuring of socio-economic development.-PR