LONDON: Private investment firm China Pakistan Investment Cooperation (CPIC) has launched a bus campaign in Central London to promote the booming port city of Gwadar in Pakistan as “Asia’s Emerging Trade Capital”.

Zeeshan Shah, a former Apprentice contestant and CPIC founding board member, has initiated the campaign. Shah also previously advertised “Gwadar – The Gateway to Emerging Pakistan” and “Prosperous Pakistan” on hundreds of buses in Central London, as part of the effort to promote Gwadar and Pakistan as a safe investment place.

Zeeshan Shah said: “Our campaigns have reached millions of people across the globe, causing quite the rise in interest in Gwadar. The recent Saudi announcement of investment in oil refinery in Gwadar in the tune of $10 billion USD shows how the world has started taking Gwadar seriously. Central London is the financial hub of the world, it’s a global stage where the most prominent and influential world leaders from both business and politics converge. There can be no better place than London to highlight Pakistan and that’s exactly what we are doing.”

He said: “Gwadar is rapidly developing to become not only the gateway city to the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor but the regional trade hub of Asia. This is particularly evident as international interest in the port city grows day by day – for example, the recent news about the massive possible deal by Saudi Arabia’s Aramco of a $10 billion oil refinery in Gwadar. CPIC are proud to be part of this global growth story and look forward to continuing to support Pakistan.”

Zeeshan Shah said that buses running through London and carrying name of Gwadar are viewed by thousands of people daily and it’s the best marketing place. “There are so many opportunities in Pakistan. We want to show to the world that Pakistan is open for investment. Our message to the international investors is to come and explore opportunities in Pakistan. As a foreign company we have successfully invested in Gwadar and this can be taken as a blue print for investors worldwide. We will be delivering the first phase of our first project International Port City in under a month. The project is spread across 3.6 Million square feet and upon completion will be home to more 3500 people. We will be handing over the developer plots to those who invested with us setting a new benchmark in Gwadar as the first major private real estate developer to handover plots and deliver on our commitment. “

He said their organisation comprises world leading investment and real estate professionals, aiming to bring positive change to Pakistan by building safe and sustainable communities that encourage cohesion and enable businesses to thrive.

Zeeshan Shah said Pakistan is a land of untapped potentials and it’s important to keep reiterating the message of Gwadar as the future trade hub of South Asia and an attractive investment destination in the world.

“Pakistan is a land of untapped opportunities and with China investing $62 billion and Saudi Arabia now following suite with a $10 billion possible investment, which shows that the world is now realising the potential of Pakistan”.

Zeeshan Shah said that CPIC’s latest mega campaign with the slogan “Gwadar – Asia’s Emerging Trade Capital” will remain displayed on a hundred buses traversing the streets of Central London for a month.

Predicted by experts to become South Asia’s busiest shipping port by 2023 and the ‘New Dubai’, Gwadar is the extremely important gateway city to the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is the flagship project of China’s broader $5 trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).