Amidst the turmoil in real estate market within Pakistan and the Gulf that has seen prices
nose dive in important real estate markets Gwadar Pakistan stands as a beacon of hope to
the investors in the region. It is not just land for sale in Gwadar or shops for sale in Gwadar
or for that matter house for sale in Gwadar or Gwadar Port Land for sale. It is the long term
outlook for Gwadar on which everyone agrees and major participating countries sees Gwadar
as the future Dubai or Shanghai of Pakistan.In Gwadar real estate itself schemes like New
Town Housing Gwadar have inspired thousands of investors to invest in this project.This
Govt. Owned sponsored and supervised scheme has 5 phases and already phase one is Karachi. This surely is the strong
and bright future for Gwadar real estate.

Gwadar will open up the gateways to the four corners of the world.Here is a chance for everyone. For
new investors to strike it rich on their very first attempt and for old investors to make up for
the losses they might have suffered elsewhere.Go for Gwadar. This is the right time and I can
assure you that you will not regret your decision.