The Balochistan government has instigated tourist police in Gwadar to corroborate a guarded, defended, and secure environment for the sightseers thronging the coastal city for recreational activities.

Chief Secretary Balochistan Mathar Niaz Rana initiated the force on the contrary around 20 cops will be garrisoned at picnic spots to ease the tourists in the vicinity.

An official of the Balochistan government said the force has been authorized under the Gwadar Safe City project which will be further reinforced shortly.

He said the Gwadar Tourist police will be an impeccable force by accompanying and assisting the local and foreign tourists.

The official said the government has rationed automobiles and apparatus for the tourist police to corroborate preferable implementation and assistance to the visitors.

The officers are advised to not only present an amiable face of police to tourists but will also act as mentors with knowledge about key locations and categorically settle trouble faced by the tourists.

In the interval, the construction work on the ecotourism resorts is in full swing with confederated provisions in the coastal areas of Balochistan to serve the needs of local and foreign tourists visiting its appealing coastal lines.

The construction work on the inauguration of tourist resorts in Kund Malir, Gadani, Ormara, Jiwani, Gwadar, and Kalmat is in the final stages as 90 percent of development work has been done, he quoted.

In a bid to unlock the potential of the tourism sectors of Balochistan, the government has decided to develop its coastal areas to facilitate tourists and travelers, he added.

He said the government is endeavoring to provide basic and residential facilities at the sites, sound infrastructure, the best transport system, and a safe environment for the visitors to the area.

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